Missionary Sending Agency

What is a Missionary Sending Agency?


A missionary sending agency serves and supports both the local church and it’s missionaries in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

We serve the local church and it’s missionaries in a number of different ways. Some examples are as follows:

  • Manage funds ($) sent by supporting churches (bookkeeping, receipts, escrow funds, report summaries, etc.).
  • Provide legal representation before foreign governments.
  • Assists in support level guideline establishment.
  • Provides deputation assistance and advice.
  • Provides promotional materials (printed, audio tapes, video, etc.)
  • Assists in project-related fund raising.
  • Provides tax and legal advice.
  • Provides healthcare and retirement planning assistance/coverage


HBM provides all services to churches and missionaries as a ministry (I.E. at no cost).


HBM’s VALUE PROPOSITION – Why should a missionary choose to work with HBM?


Our strong desire and commitment to assist in keeping missionaries on their field, focused on the work the Lord has called them to.


Allowing missionaries to use 100% of the support funds they have raised for their work (i.e. HBM will not require a % retainer for our general fund).


HBM’s commitment to invest ourselves in the lives of the missionary family – we will proactively be available to provide support, counsel, guidance, etc. Our heart’s desire is to serve the missionary in any and every way we can!


HBM’s concept of a network of local churches actively working together to assist meeting the needs of missionaries (projects, fund raising, etc.).